durch Forschung und Innovation

Open Schooling ist...

eine Gelegenheit, Experten für Zukunftsdenken zu erforschen und sich mit ihnen auszutauschen. Es ist ein experimenteller Raum, in dem Sie neuen Ideen begegnen und neue Möglichkeiten für Ihre Gemeinschaft entwerfen können.

Wir wollen...

unsere Region beeinflussen, indem wir Köpfe verbinden und Zugang zu neuen Technologien bieten.

Unsere Assets sind

Future Thinking

Begegnungen zwischen Kunst
und Wissenschaft



Veronika Liebl
Veronika Liebl

Managing Director,
Ars Electronica Festival-Prix-Exhibitions
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman

Producer - European Platform
for Digital Humanism,
Ars Electronica Festival-Prix-Exhibitionsc
Marion Friedl
Marion Friedl

Project Manager - Create Your World,
Ars Electronica Festival-Prix-Exhibitions

Marion Friedl
Hans Christian Merten
Hans Christian Merten

Director - Create Your World,
Ars Electronica Festival-Prix-Exhibitions

Katharina Hof
Katharina Hof

Education & Content Development,
Ars Electronica Festival-Prix-Exhibitions


AHS Erlgasse Wien
AHS Bruck an der Mur
BG/BRG Geringergasse Wien
BRG Kepler Graz
Alpen Adria Gymnasium Völkermarkt
Gymnasium Güssing
Gymnasium Gmünd
Europagymnasium Baumgartenberg
Gymnasium Sacre Coeur Wien
BORG Gymnasium Bad Leonfelden
PTS Wolfsberg
HAK Tulln
De La Tour Schule Sonnenhaus
Gymnasium Telfs
Bundesgymnasium Bludenz
Gymnasium Braunau
VS Adnet
Gymnasium Kirchdorf
Schola - Montessorischule Linz
VS Abtenau
BRG & BORG Feldkirch
MS Kirchbach
Wimmer Gymnasium
Werkschulheim Felbertal
VS Oberalm
Kindergarten Rasselbande
Waldorf Kindergaren  Walding
Pfarrcaritas-Kindergarten Hl. Geist

Value Proposition

OSHub-AT brings into schools the perspective of society on contemporary science & technology developments through the lens of art, by brokering and curating a collaborative process between artists, scientists and technologists from the Ars Electronica network and teachers.

Target public:

Students (10-18 years-old) and teachers from all school types, with a focus on students from rural areas or from low socio-economic urban backgrounds.

Workshop leaders who embody a professional position from STEAM field, with a priority on those at an early stage of their careers and with non-formal education background.



The scope of OSHub-AT programs, with the umbrella designation of “create your world Tour”, is to stimulate into the formal school education system contemporary and relevant topics, developments, issues, discussions and views in the intersection of science & technology with arts and society that would not have flown into the classroom by itself.

This is achieved through quick and agile 2-4h workshop modules run by experts, specialists, artists or interesting thinkers about the future – so called inspirators – where the topic and content is quite unrestricted and the only “must” is to be relevant for students now or in their future.

Thinking together about what’s actually going on behind the moon, chatting about our own expectations of artificial intelligence with a programmer in English class, becoming part of a fantastic universe with a visual artist and slipping into the role of a cyberpunk activist, or getting creative with new software and hardware – these are some workshop examples that can be brought into the classroom.

The role of OSHub-AT in this process is to mediate between the world of the workshop inspirators and the world of schools, by aligning the workshop inspirator’s offer with the needs and perspectives of the school’s daily-life, thus ensuring that each workshop is fit for each school’s context.

open schooling

For that, OSHub-AT, through the Ars Electronica network – which provides access to state-of-the-art knowledge and experience of hundreds of experts – starts by approaching artists/experts to curate their workshop ideas. After this, OSHub-AT initiates and coordinates a co-creation process between individual teachers and the respective workshop inspirator, to tailor a customised version of the workshop concept according to the school needs, the specific setting, the context of the subject and how the workshop will be contextualised within the teacher’s narrative.

Read more: OSHub Model


The create your world Tour is a workshop programme offered in selected schools and institutions, that brings the contents and ideas of the Ars Electronica platform u19 – create your world into – everyday school life. The aim of the tour is to offer both students and teachers opportunities for alternative learning and teaching and to playfully lay the foundations for new ideas and projects in schools. The tour workshops are usually conducted by artists or creative professionals. Teachers can use the workshops as further training with current content and as an inspiration for new directions in teaching. The methodology of create your world Tour embodies the idea of peer education by inviting prize winners from Ars Electronica’s U19 competition to participate in the workshops and work alongside their peers on similar programmes.


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Sound of insects

Through the process of creating a film with sound, learners understand the value of insects within our ecosystem by sharpening their senses for their auditory and visual appearance.

Story telling

Learners use story-telling methods to structure, revise and engage with learnt content.

Free flow writing

A creative way of getting started and finding unique approaches.