School-led community

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OSHub Roadmap


The OSHub Roadmap reflects the working process of the OSHub.Network and of the different local OSHubs. As such, it is a living roadmap, that will change throughout time, depending on the project's outcomes and impact.

OSHub Building blocks

Establishing an OSHub consists on a journey that entails several iterative steps, that are fundamentally rooted in knowing, engaging and building with your community, in a way that is relevant, meaningful and creates the conditions to be sustainable and long-lasting.

The building blocks can be seen as the ingredients for any Open Science Hub.

Below, we share some tools that have guided the local OSHubs throughout this journey, as well as their progress.



Based on the OSHub building blocks outlined above, we developed a self-assessment tool that guides partner's reflection about their journey throughout the project, promoting sharing of challenges and best practices, and most importantly cooperation amongst partners.




Discovering, engaging and
building with OSHub communities

In this section, each building block will be unpacked as a series of objectives and each objective will be accompanied by suggested tools and tips for how to use them to complete each objective.


Participation Stories by OSHubs

Training Workshop Report

Building Sustainability:
Social Business Canvas for OSHubs

The Social Business canvas is a matrix that supports partners building a sustainability plan, while evaluating the economic feasibility and envisioning the impact of the OSHubs. It is divided into five main boxes, that are interlinked, guiding OSHub partners to follow a logical process to identify and define their value proposition, results, actors and stakeholders involved, human and economic resources as well as sustainability, impact, and any obstacle or external conditions that the OSHubs may encounter.


(Preliminary) OSHub Vision and Value Propositions: A summary