School-led community

development through

research and innovation

Impact Assessment

The impact of the OSHub Network will be assessed from three complementary levels. By centering our evaluation approach on these three levels we aim to develop further evaluation tools to obtain an in-depth and holistic view of all work packages in the project, both at the consortium and at the local OSHubs level.

Network-Wide Consortium

The first level will examine the European wide consortium that consists of nine partner institutions. Here we will evaluate the processes of communication and collaboration between the partners of the OSHub.Network.


evaluation tools SOON

Local OSHubs Community Networks

The second level will focus on the local OSHubs and their network of stakeholders. Here we will evaluate how each OSHub is established and their development development with their local community.


evaluation tools SOON

OSHubs Open Schooling Projects

The third level will evaluate the individual OSHubs and their local projects and programs. Here a focus will be placed upon investigating the student and participants of each OSHub project.


evaluation tools SOON